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Puddle Lane Old Mr. Gotobed eBook Free Download

The Puddle Lane children’s books were published by Ladybird Books during the second half of the 1980s. The stories were based on a TV program of the same name (see Puddle Lane).  Sheila K McCullagh, who wrote the stories for the TV program, also wrote the books.

Five sets of books were produced, the first set being the easiest to read (Reading Programmed Stage 1). Books of each set featured a distinct cover color. All books are in hardcover format, 7 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide (standard Ladybird format). Here’s a

list of all 54 books in the series: Click Here

Series: Puddle Lane Reading Program/Stage 3, Book 1
Author: Sheila K. McCullagh
Publisher: Ladybird Books (March 1986)
Illustrato: John Dillow
Language: English

Free Download eBook : Click Me!

Free Download eBook : Click Me!

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